Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the restaurant received my order?

If there is an issue with your order, you will hear from us. When you place an order, the restaurant receives it via email or fax. Our system makes them confirm the order within a certain timeframe. After several contact attempts to the restaurant, if they do not confirm, we will notify you. You can then call the restaurant to see whats up.

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How do I know when the order will be ready for pickup or delivery?

After placing your order, you will receive a receipt via email. On the receipt, it will show an estimated ready time for your order to be picked up or dropped off.

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I dont want my order anymore, can I cancel it?

Our system works really fast, so unfortunately you cant cancel through our software. In cases like these, we ask that you first call the restaurant to cancel your order. After talking with the restaurant and you are in need of a refund, please send us an email at

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Does it cost me anything to place an order?

No! You only pay for what you order from the restaurant. No extra fees or add-ons! Our system will automatically add in tax and a delivery fee if applicable. You can even add in the tip with your order if you would like.

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If I am paying for my order online, how do I know the site is secure?

We only transmit the necessary information to the restaurant to complete your order such as contact information and delivery addresses. Because we handle all the order processing, the restaurant does not receive any of your credit card information. Security is of the highest priority so all of our transactions utilize SSL and are PCI compliant.

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Do you store my credit card information?

No! When designing our system, we opted not to store any of your credit card information. If you think it would be more convenient for repeat ordering purposes, drop us an email ( and we can work on adding this to your account.

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What will my credit card statement show?

If you place an order through our site, your statement will show a charge from WeChowDown - Milwaukee.

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Are there options for corporate ordering?

At this time no. However, we are working on adding this feature for businesses in the very near future. If you would like more information about corporate ordering, drop us an email at

In the meantime, your business can still place orders using a regular account.

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How do I know if the restaurant delivers to me?

When you are checking out and you click the "Delivery" option, you will see the list of cities that the restaurant delivers to. For the restaurant to deliver your food, your current city must match their delivery city.

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What do I do if my order is wrong?

Your order is emailed or faxed to the restaurant so there should be no errors. However, if you do receive a wrong order, we ask that you first contact the restaurant themselves to try to resolve the issue. If you need further assistance, send us an email at with your contact information and a brief explanation and we will get back in touch with you promptly, preferably by phone.

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I want a restaurant on your website so I can order from them online. Can you add them?

Yes! However, we need to talk to the restaurant owner/manager to get them on board first. If you want a restaurant added, do two quick things:

  • Send us an email ( and tell us what restaurant you want listed
  • The next time you are dining at the restaurant, tell them that you want online ordering and WeChowDown - is a FREE option for them to take orders. If they call us and signup, we will buy you a meal for the referral!

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Don't see the answer to your question? No problem, just ask us!