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Taking pride in keeping it local!!

"Support local" We hear it all the time. It's cliche, but that's ChowDown's mission.

Chowdown helps stay local

Ordering local helps everyone!!

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You Win

Your hard earned money stays local plus you get great tasting food!

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Restaurants Win

You help these one-of-kind, unique local restaurants stay in business

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Small Biz Wins

Chowdown creates and partners with local businesses to create local jobs!

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Community Wins

We promote local causes which bring all of us together to strengthen our community

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ChowDown In The Press

Miltown ChowDown puts ordering online

We scored our first news article in the Table Talk section of the Milwaukee Business Journal!

written by Stacey Vogel Davis
Milwaukee Business Journal

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Online restaurant orders made easy: Miltown ChowDown

OnMilwaukee featured us as a top story in their Dining section

written by Lori Fredrich

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Still don't believe ordering local can uplift your community?

How about this $20 shift example...

Take your average city suburb of 30,000 people.

If everyone in the community (over the age of 18) were to shift JUST $20 of their existing monthly spending to independent, locally owned restaurants, it would generate at least:

back into the local economy!

So there you have it. When you order from a restaurant on ChowDown, you can take pride in that you've helped a local, independent restaurant live another day.

Just an FYI, we aren't anti Applebee's, Chili's, or Olive Garden at all. There's space for everyone! We are simply fans of the economic and social effects of supporting local restaurants!

Happy ordering.


The ChowDown Team

* The calculation is based on 83% of the population being over 18, shifting $20/mo for 12 months, with 68% of the revenue remaining in the local economy. Based, in part, on the Andersonville Study of Retail Economics.